Life is Art

Photography My Medium


Many many moons ago, while an undergrad at the Univ. of Oregon, back in the day of toxic chemicals in a dark room, I fell in love with Photography as art and people have always been my primary subject.  My first gallery show was B&W infrared images of friends captioned with Dylan lyrics.  I used friends to tell a story and it was the birth of my identity as an artist.

Later, aspiring to make a career as a photographer, I moved to the Caribbean where I became a photojournalist for the Virgin Island Daily News.  It was the best job ever.  I was given the privilege of covering the beautiful Islands and, with my camera, telling the diverse stories of immigrants, transients, and families whose roots stretch back to the days of Blackbeard the Pirate.  Covering everything from Queens of Carnival calypso, tramps, and troupes, from Governors to grounds people, boaties, beach bums, and Bishops, it was the best.  Experiencing the diverse cultures, making innumerable friendships, and being accepted as belonging made me a better person and I will be forever grateful.

After the VI Daily News, I became a successful wedding and portrait photographer.  Again, my subjects were people and I loved it because I was given license to share one of the most important days in a couple's life.  Again, friendships were made that have continued long beyond the day itself.

Today in California, my art is still people and it starts with my camera.  Hopefully, we can share our differences, discover bonding commonalities, and find friendship, because, in this world, friendship makes all the difference. 


-Eric  "Life is Art"


Eric Johnson, C.P.P. is a Certified Professional Photographer who has enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a photojournalist and wedding / portrait photographer in the Virgin Islands.

He was trained as a visual artist at the University of Oregon and since graduating has honed his skills and enhanced his portfolio working as a photojournalist. His freelance work has appeared in publications worldwide from the Anchorage Daily News to the London Times to Windsurfer Magazine. For 6 years, he was the official photographer of the Miss USVI America Pageant and the official photographer for the Mrs. US Virgin Island Pageant.

Together his art background and photojournalist career have blended to create a personal style for telling beautiful stories of romance and relationships creating timeless works of art with his photography.

Review his work and contact Eric when you are ready to have your story archived for the ages.